Boys’ Rendezvous Testimonials

“The Teen Rendezvous was the sort of experience that I look back upon now and shake my head at. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t shake it out of disapproval, or confusion, or because I’m the type of person that just shakes my head when reminiscing; rather, I shake it out of wonder. Wonder at the impact that five days can have. Wonder at all the crazy/awesome/amazing experiences I still tell my friends about. Wonder at a week that was, while initially daunting, something that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life, and which has never evoked the least bit of regret but only an immense and unbelievable gratitude. Now I don’t want to get too sappy, but I was someone who was hesitant about attending, and so I offer this piece of advice: if you think any part of this program sounds at all interesting, then just go. I am confident that you will look back upon your experience just as I look back upon mine – that is to say, you’ll reminisce with a broad smile upon your face.” – Hunter

“The AOM Rendezvous is an amazing and unique experience that has given me so many important life lessons. The mix of social interaction, self-reflection, physical and mental edge-pushing, and simply having enough time and space to let my awareness expand out into the woods creates a very fun yet intense and awareness building experience. I still have vivid memories of moments that I’ll never forget.”

The Rendezvous has also helped to build strong friendships because I feel that I have a certain connection with anybody who has been there and that we always have another story to share about our time at the Rendezvous. I know that the Rendezvous has made me more mature and aware of my self and my surroundings. Even years later, I am still reflecting back and learning from my experiences at the Rendezvous.” — Wyatt