Great Blue Heron – Tuesdays

Ages:  7 – 15

Where: Greenwood School Land, Putney, VT

When: Tuesdays, 9 am – 3 pm. Program will begin on 9/28/2021. Full calendar available here.

Cost: $1575 – $2500 (sliding scale) for 27 Sessions.  Actual per-student cost is $1950 (about $70 per day). Scholarship funds are available.


  1. Fill out the application form and be sure to click the SUBMIT button. A submitted from will generate an automated confirmation email with the subject “[Youth Name]’s Great Blue Heron Community School application has been received.” Save that for proof-of-application.
  2. If accepted, we require payment to reserve your spot. Pricing/deposit information and financial aid details are in the form below. If accepted, you can pay by check, card, or PayPal.
  3. Click the tab at the bottom of this page: “Complete the VWS Medical Form” or access the form directly here. The form is due upon acceptance.

Looking for a scholarship?  Complete the registration form below, indicating your scholarship request. Read our scholarship and cancellations policy page for more information.

Questions?  Please contact us at or call 802-257-8570.