Earth Skills Immersion Program

For Ring 2 Graduates

A healthy human village is deeply in tune with the cycles of the more-than-human world – its hazards and delights, its larders and lacks, its changes in weather and season, its stories and mysteries. Our ancestors needed to be profoundly connected to all these aspects of their places, in order to thrive within nature’s challenges year after year after year.

We also know that in a healthy mentoring culture, every member of the community is both learning at their growing edge and helping other to do the same. These two core elements of the 8 Shields bundle – deep nature connection and a culture of continual mentoring – come together in the Earth Skills Immersion Program at the Vermont Art of Mentoring.

Earth Skills Immersion participants will go on an in-depth journey with traditional earth living skills by:

— ethically and regeneratively harvesting materials from the wild,
— handcrafting them into functional, beautiful items and tools, and
— utilizing those items and skills to draw ourselves and others deeper into the old ways.

The Earth Skills Immersion will travel between the wild lands surrounding Farm & Wilderness camp, and the village hearth at the center of AoM, bringing materials, skills, stories, and handcrafts from the wild to enrich the learning and curiosity of everyone at AoM.

This is a highly customized program that will be specifically tailored to the goals, interests, and learning edges of its participants. Come with your curiosity and “show-up-edness” ready to go!

Skills we’ll dive into may include:

  • Hide tanning and buckskin
  • Bowmaking and fletching
  • Traditional basketry
  • Outdoor cooking (pit steaming, earth ovens, etc.)
  • Natural clay pottery
  • Advanced friction fire skills
  • Advanced cordage (faster, stronger, better)
  • Regenerative harvest and tending the wild 

Pre-requisite: the Adult Nature Immersion Program at any Art of Mentoring around the world.