When Women Were Trees: Remembering our Roots

Where: Several locations in Western MA.

When:  Once every season in 2020:

  • January 25
  • April 18
  • July 11
  • October 17

Ages: Adults and motivated teenagers.

Cost: TBA

Join Vermont Wilderness School and a group of thoughtful female-identified folk as we explore how connecting with our elder siblings, the trees, can help us connect with our power as women. 


If you’ve ever felt, or heard, an invitation by a forest to enter into the embrace of its canopy of mysteries and delights, then you know how many stories are told in deep woods, when we take the time to enter, and to listen.


In this four-season workshop, we will explore and deepen our awareness and understandings of nature through an ever-deepening relationship with trees and what they teach us about the natural world, and about ourselves. Tree identification, food, medicine, basket making, animal sign, fire building, phenology and forest forensics are some of the areas we will explore in depth together over the course of the year.

A commitment to attending  all four sessions is a requisite for this program.


Instructor Bio

Kathy Dean is has been teaching in the outdoor adventure and nature connection fields for more than 20 years. Together with Jean Bergstrom she co-founded Her Wild Roots, which offers nature education programs for women. She devotes most of her dirt time and study to animal tracking and bird language, as these are two of her biggest loves.


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