Monthly Elder Fire

Elder Fire – Sunday Oct 26th

Jannie Dziadzio (Staff Elder at the Art of Mentoring) is hosting an Elder Fire on Sunday, October 26th at 7 p.m. at Jannie’s house at 62 Old Stage Road in Montague Center, MA.  This is a continuation of our monthly series of Elder Fires in 2014, catalyzed by Miriam Dror and Erik Muten, and now hosted by Jannie Dziadzio and Erik in Montague this month.

From Jannie Dziadzio, about this month’s Elder Fire:
Erik Muten and i are holding our next elder fire on Sunday eve, Oct. 26th at 7 p.m., (please be prompt!), rain or shine at our back fire pit at 62 Old Stage Road, Montague, MA.  If it’s sprinkling we’ll likely proceed outdoors, and if it’s pouring we’ll be holding this in my yurt, also in the back yard.
These Elder Fires have grown out of our experiences with the Art of Mentoring program.  Serving as staff elders there, Erik and I have been moved by the calling out to us from younger folks wishing to have elders who hold them in community and by elders who wish to provide this loving attentiveness.  As is our tradition, there will be an opportunity for kindred spirits to gather around a ceremonial fire and open heartedly share whatever is moving within…joy, grief, confusion, curiosity.  Whether you’re seeking some clarity, navigating a transition, wishing to connect, mulling a big question or making a declaration to the universe…it’s all welcome here!  We create a safe space held by elders for those who wish to share, listen or just be.
Although we have a set start time, we don’t set an end time, as we choose to be in the flow.  2.5-3 hours is a good guideline, although we won’t be checking our watches!
It’s a lovely thing if you can let me know you plan to attend – – so I know how many chairs to set out.  Also fine to come last minute if you’re moved.  Please come at the beginning and stay to the end if at all possible to provide an uninterrupted ceremonial space.
We have gratefully heard from those attending that these fires have been powerful, moving, and soul feeding.  Our intention is deep connection and cultural transformation and we welcome all who are moved to come, including those we haven’t yet met who come to mind when you read this.
With love,