Upcoming Programs for Adults

Renewal of Creative Purpose Retreat

  • Where: This is an online retreat so the location can be… your choice! You will need to be able to go outside, plus access to email and the capacity to make phone calls or join Zoom sessions.
  • When: Saturday, February 5 (9:00 am EDT) — Sunday, February 6 (5:00 pm EDT), 2022.
  • Who: all ages & experience levels.

When you pause to tune in and listen, what causes your Being to say “Yes, Life”?  What is seeking to grow, encouraging Life in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty of our times?  During this two-day, pay-what-you-choose retreat, we’ll take time out from “life as usual” to reflect and tune into what calls us to say “yes” to Life, and remember or find the practices and relationships to help us stay attuned to that “Yes.”

The Hunter’s Heart – A Hunting Apprenticeship

  • Where: Near Jackman, ME (carpooling to be organized prior to the workshop).
  • When: 6 weekends (Sat & Sun) in 2022.
  • Who: Adults.

If you’ve never hunted and want to learn, or if you have hunted, but want a different approach, here is a rare opportunity.

Upcoming Programs for Youth

April Break 3-Day Camp

  • Where: Camp Arden Rd, Dummerston, VT
  • When: 9am-3pm, April 19-21 (Tue/Wed/Thur), 2022.
  • Who: 7 – 12 (other ages by permission)

Why wait for summer camps to have fun adventures in the wild world???

Foxwalk Forest School 

  • Where: Greenwood School Land, Putney, VT.
  • When: Tuesdays, 10 am – 2 pm.
  • Who: youth, ages  5 – 7.

Foxwalk Forest School supports children ages 5-7 to explore the natural world together, learn wilderness living skills, and build self-confidence, teamwork, and knowledge of self, nature, and community.

Also, we’re looking for interns/CITs!

SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL VWS PROGRAMS.  Thank you to our many donors for their support of VWS’s Great Blue Heron Fund for scholarships.


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