The Hunter’s Heart – A Hunting Apprenticeship


  • When: 6 weekends throughout the spring/summer/fall, starting in March 2021 
  • Where: Brattleboro, VT and surrounding nearby locations
  • Who: 18 and up
  • Cost (in 2019): $1,175 – $1,575, sliding scale.  Actual per-person cost is $1400

If you’ve never hunted and want to learn, or if you have hunted, but want a different approach, here is a rare opportunity.

We often hear from people that they want to try hunting, but don’t know where to start. Are you intimidated or turned off by the dominant culture of hunting? Are you unfamiliar with hunting skills, equipment (including weapons), and regulations? If you actually killed an animal would you have no idea what to do next? These are just some of the common roadblocks separating us from what can be an incredible way to deepen our connection to the cycles of life and death, to our food source, and to the natural world.

By the end of this apprenticeship, you will be prepared to take up hunting on your own.  We’ll cover:

  • Animal tracking and trailing
  • Weapon safety and use
  • Turkey hunting
  • Deer hunting
  • Awareness & intuition
  • Butchering, meat preservation, & cooking


About your instructor

Bob Etzweiler started hunting at age 12.  He is not only one of the most passionate hunters you will ever meet, but also one of the most skillful and reverent.  Bob is a longtime teacher at the Vermont Wilderness School, leading both youth and adult programs.  For years Bob has been dreaming up this apprenticeship as a way to share his hunting knowledge and experience, and now it is happening!

There are only 7 spaces available in the apprenticeship.  Participants will be selected based on their completed application.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until the course is filled.

Click here for more course details and the application form.