Birding by Ear

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A Doorway into the Song of the Forest

Birds are the news network of the natural environment giving the curious human a “bird’s ear” window into the thrilling comedy, tragedy, and romance being played out on a daily basis on the branches. In this workshop we will be attuning our sense of hearing to the songs and calls of birds and what they are communicating to each other. Combining observation of birds’ vocalizations, behavior and movement patterns, we can deepen our understanding of the language of birds and what they have to teach us about the natural world. Not only will you learn to identify several different species by their songs and calls, but you will gain deeper insight into the natural world through bird behavior and language.

Being able to identify bird song by ear can be a tremendous benefit for anyone interested in birds AND anyone who wants to connect more deeply with the community of life around us. We hope you’ll join!

Instructor Bio

Kathy Dean has been teaching in the outdoor adventure and nature connection fields for more than 20 years. Together with Jean Bergstrom she co-founded Her Wild Roots, which offers nature education programs for women. She has a passion for birds and has completed White Pine’s Advanced Bird Language Program and worked in wild bird rehabilitation with the Vermont Institute of Natural Science. 


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