Land Stewardship Camp

Three people wander a beautiful clearing

A Weekend Immersion with Connor Stedman

What does the land want? How do we know?

Join Art of Mentoring leader and permaculture designer Connor Stedman for a weekend exploring deep nature connection through ecological reciprocity and stewardship.  

We often hear the call to steward earth… but how do we do that in our day-to-day lives? This practical hands-on workshop explores questions of how we can build communities who listen to the land and practice reciprocity. We will learn land care tools that go well beyond “Leave No Trace” and take up an active role in creating conditions for the full diversity of life to thrive.

You will:

  • Learn stories of deep land history and ecological memory
  • Read the landscape for its plant communities and wildlife habitat resources
  • Practice a wide range of land stewardship skills, possibly including:
    • Forest management
    • Plant propagation
    • Coppicing & pruning
    • Fungal inoculation
    • Landrace and wild gardening
    • Ethical and regenerative harvest
  • Explore interspecies communication and direct forms of knowing in nature
  • Engage the connections between cultural and ecological diversity
  • Enjoy camping, learning, playing, and swimming with old and new friends along the beautiful South River!

Between and around land stewardship lessons we’ll come together for meals, stories, exploration, and a shared enjoyment of the everlasting summer days.


We are thrilled to host Connor Stedman for this special weekend. Connor has been mentoring students in nature awareness and permaculture for 15 years, and his classes never fail to inspire wonder curiosity and deep learning. See Connor’s full bio here.

Course information:

  • Enrollment: currently closed. Complete this short form to be notified when registration re-opens.
  • Dates (2021): 9am on July 24 to 4pm July 25, 2021. Participants may sleep on-site at no extra charge or pay for their own off-site lodging. Structured programming will end at 5pm on Saturday day but there will be informal evening options.
  • Location: Conway, MA
  • Cost (2021): $235 – 310 (sliding scale). True cost per participant is $260. Scholarship available.
  • Ages: Adults. Motivated teens considered.
  • Accommodations: Tent camping (rustic) on site, or stay off site if you prefer.