Summer Tracking Intensive

Enrollment: Complete the form below to be notified when registration opens in February.

Where: Various locations within 30 miles of Brattleboro, VT.

When: typically Sat 9am-3pm & Sun 8am-2pm over four weekends in 2023:

  • June 24 & 25
  • July 22 & 23
  • August 19 & 20
  • September 9 & 10

Who: Adults (Age 18+). Open to both novice and experienced trackers.

Cost: Sliding scale $725-$925 (actual per-person cost is $825). Financial aid options available.

When it comes to wildlife tracking in New England, your mind might jump to cold winter temperatures and deep snows. And while southern Vermont is a great place for snow tracking, the numerous river banks, muddy areas, and sandy locations make for exceptional warm weather tracking as well!

Join VWS instructor Bob Etzweiler for our summertime four-weekend Wildlife Tracking Intensive. We’ll spend each weekend visiting the many local tracking hotspots.

All levels of tracking experience are welcome. The teaching approach will be to “build it from the ground up.” Working with a skilled tracking teacher can dramatically flatten the learning curve, bring results more quickly, and be a rewarding and fun experience.

Topics to be covered:

  • Tools for clear track identification
  • Wildlife “sign” identification
  • Body mechanics, gaits, and track patterns
  • Trailing
  • Wildlife interactions with the landscape
  • General naturalist knowledge related to tracking

Meet the instructor –

Bob Etzweiler is a longtime teacher at the Vermont Wilderness School, leading both youth and adult programs. He runs our annual Lynx Tracking Expedition, the (seven weekend) Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship, and the Hunter’s Heart Hunting Apprenticeship. Bob has over a decade of experience in Wildlife Tracking, has been hired on wildlife track surveys, and is Level IV/Professional Tracker certified from Tracker Certifications of North America. He’s a skilled and passionate tracker and teacher.

Questions? Review our scholarship and cancellation policies for more information. Email with any additional questions.