Covid-19 Protocols

The state of Vermont has lifted all COVID-related restrictions. At all Vermont Wilderness School programs, we will not require masks but we will support participants who personally choose or whose families request their child to wear a mask.  We ask that parents and adult participants monitor their children’s/their own health, and refrain from sending their children or attending our programs if they show any signs of illness.

Should a participant in any VWS program show any symptoms of COVID, they will be asked to put on a mask and distance themself from the group. Youth participants will need to be picked up from their program but are allowed to return when they test negative for COVID. Adult participants will be asked to leave the program and may return when they test negative for COVID.

If you have a positive case in your household but the participant tests negative, or you have another situation that merits discussion as to what will keep everyone safe, please be in touch. We will be glad to address concerns and considerations specific to your situation. We may ask the participant to take a rapid test before attending a program.

Participants should come to programs with a mask in case it is needed, as well as hand sanitizer. When participants arrive at a program, they will be asked the following questions: Are you healthy and free of covid-related symptoms? If you have any symptoms, how are you certain they are related to asthma/allergies/etc. and not Covid-19?

If you’ve had a recent case of Covid-19 and your health is improving, you may return 6 days after your first symptom or positive test (whichever came first) so long as:

  • Your symptoms are improving;
  • You are well enough to participate in all program activities;
  • You have not had a fever for the past 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications;
  • You are able/willing to wear a mask if needed. 

These precautions must be followed for 5 days.