Registration FAQ – School-Year Youth Programs

Trial Period

How does the trial period work? 

A trial period payment (pro-rated for 4 sessions) is required in advance. The youth attends the first four sessions of the program before the family commits to enrolling and paying for the rest of the program. We STRONGLY encourage youth to attend all four sessions before the family comes to a final decision. 

To choose this option, simply complete a registration form and follow the trial period directions.  

If you are receiving scholarship funds, and your child continues beyond the trial period, scholarship funds will be applied to your post-trial period balance.


Scholarships & Reparations Funds

How do I request funds?

Payment Plans

What are the payment plan options?

  • If you cannot pay in full, you may request a quarterly plan (4 equal payments) or a monthly plan (8 equal payments)
  • You can make this request on the registration form.

How do I pay?

  • Visit the page where you registered to pay online by card or via a Paypal account (includes a 3% processing fee).
  • Mail us a check (or packet of pre-dated checks if you are doing a payment plan) to Vermont Wilderness School, PO Box 2585, Brattleboro, VT 05303.



How do I register?

  • Returning families will receive an email with a link to the advance registration form.
    • You will need to fill out one form for each child enrolling. The child’s spot will be secured once we have received: 
      • a completed registration form for each child attending,
      • a completed medical form & waiver, and 
      • a payment. 
    • Until we receive registration and payment your spot is not secure. 
    • Save the automated confirmation email that you’ll receive after you complete the form. That is your proof of registration.
  • As it becomes clear how many spots we will have, families who have completed an interest form will start to receive invitations to register. Those spots will be reserved according to the same terms described above.
  • Following the above, the registration form will be made publicly available, and families who are signing up for the first time are welcome to register for the remaining spots. Any families who wish their children to attend multiple days will be contacted should there still be spots after that.

Are families required to sign up for the full year, or are there other choices?

  • We suggest reviewing our updated cancelation & refund policies. When you register you are committing for the program. The one exception is if you opt for the 4-week trial period (see below).  

Withdrawals, Cancelations, and Refunds

If I need to withdraw my child during the program year will I be refunded? 

  • If you register for the trial period you may withdraw after 4 weeks with no other costs.
  • If you withdraw during the program year, VWS policy is that you will not receive any refund.  If we have a waitlist and are able to fill your spot, we may be able to refund you for remaining sessions.  See our Refund & Cancelation Policy for more details.
  • If you need to withdraw and there is no one who can take your spot, we may not be able to give you a full refund, but we will work with you to reduce the financial impact to your family as much as possible.


Will siblings be attending the same day, and will they be in the same group? 

  • Our intention is to keep siblings attending on the same program day unless you indicate a desire to have them attend on different days.
  • In most cases, we will likely have siblings in different groups UNLESS you request they be in the same group.


Can my child in the same group with other specific children?

  • We can’t grant all grouping requests, but we understand that part of the reason families come to our programs is to be with their friends, so we will do our best to accommodate them. Please include any requests in the registration form, unless you have already sent them.


Can my child switch groups (or day of the week) later on?

  • Maybe! Program Directors will strive to create groups on the different program days that we believe will create a good experience for all involved.  We may be able to do  some tweaking of groups if it just isn’t working — especially in the first four weeks of the program.  It all depends on where there are openings. We ask that parents not make this kind of request lightly. 


How many days of the week can a child attend?

  • To make our programs more accessible, parents should be aware that requests to attend a second day are considered at the end of our fall registration period. If there are still spaces open after the “new family registration” is closed, then we will respond to requests from returning families who which to attend more than one day.


Still have questions?