Nourishing our Roots, Finding Our Way

Where: This is an online-learning retreat so the location can be…your choice! Minimally, you will need access to go outside plus access to emails and phone calls.

When: Thursday, August 19 (6:30pm EDT) — Sunday, August 22 (5pm EDT), 2021.

Who: All ages. You will need an adult who can navigate Zoom.

Cost: FREE. There is no cost to attend. We are inviting participants to donate to help compensate our visiting instructors.

A 4-day nature-connection retreat near your home

This past year has been a powerful, and in so many ways challenging, time of upheaval and transformation. Has connecting to the natural world been an important or essential part in your life or practice during this time? For many of us, this year has been a validation of the healing power of spending time outdoors, and an unexpected reminder that we can find support and guidance through connecting with our local multi-species Earth community right where we are. At the same time, many of us have also realized, this year, that deepening our relationships with the land and pausing to take stock of how we are living our lives can be difficult without the support of others.

Wherever you are, we invite you to continue the exploration, in community with us and others, for four days this August.

Nourishing Our Roots is a new program hosted by a team of Vermont Wilderness School nature-connection facilitators. You can participate from home or from the location of your choice. You can participate solo or as a self-organized group such as a family or neighborhood. Either way, you will be a part of a larger community for the duration of the program and beyond.

Meet the Nourishing Our Roots facilitation team.

People from far and wide are invited to come together via Zoom each morning and evening. The rest of the time you can spend outside. This could be a rural location or a city park! The program is designed to work for you no matter what outdoor space you choose or have access to— as long as you can get onto the Zoom calls (by phone or by computer). In this program we will be engaging some of the core routines that shape VWS programs, such as practices of nature and human connection and living with natural cycles. These practices are ways to strengthen and deepen our relationships, and help us to be responsive and adaptive to changing relationships and changing times.

Imagine a four-day “stay-cation.” Each morning, nature-connection mentors will offer activities and guidance for deeping your connection to place, leaving you plenty of time for the magic of your chosen place to reveal itself. And each night you can trade stories and questions with fellow explorers who are participating from their home places as well.

Read more about the program schedule.

We can live in a different way. In these times of upheaval and transformation, we can find support and guidance through connecting with our local human and Earth community right where we are. Let’s do it together!

For over twenty years the Vermont Wilderness School has been dedicated to restoring our relationships with nature, ourselves, and each other.

Please join us and many fellow explorers for Nourishing Our Roots, Finding Our Way.