Oyase Too Community School


REGISTER & Get on Wait List for 2020-2021 Program Year

Dates: October 2020 to Late May 2021, Wednesdays 9am – 3pm
Location: off South Road, Marlboro, VT
Cost: To be announced.
Ages: Youth, 6-15

Financial Aid available – contact Amy Hyatt at hyatt@vermontwildernessschool.org for application.

Oyase Too Community School is a second day and location extension of our popular Oyase Community School Thursdays.  Oyase Too, like Oyase Thursdays, brings together children and adults from throughout the region to create a multi-age learning environment that engages and inspires children and teens to learn real life skills, confidence in their own being, and developing relationships with the natural world and each other.  Students are guided by an experienced team of instructors skilled in facilitating learning of Earth Living Skills, Nature Awareness and Community Skills.

What’s different?  Location, Size and Day of the Week!

Oyase Too is a smaller program capped at 24 students – great for youth who are more shy or just plain enjoy a smaller large group.  (Oyase Community School Thursdays caps at 44 Weekly youth and 12 Monthly youth!)

Location: We are generously hosted by George Leoniak (VWS Alum and founder of “the Mindful Tracker) on several acres of forest and wetlands in beautiful Marlboro, VT.

Oyase Too is also an option for youth (especially home-schooled or unschooled youth) who would like two days a week exploring and learning with others outside.

As a community-based school, we encourage each family to get involved in some form of service. Financial Aid is available.

To learn more about Oyase Community School, download this letter: 16-17 Oyase Program Overview