Girls’ Rendezvous

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The wilderness is where we will call home for 6 days this fall.

About the Girls’ Teen Rendezvous

Looking up from the foot of an Appalachian ridge, wading into cool lake waters…

What will you discover from the four-footeds, six-leggeds and belly crawlers who
walk the same ground and drink the same water?

We will journey from Indian Brook Camp, in search of our own village at the edge of it all, and won’t return for a week. You’ll be at home under the stars, spark a coal into fire, carve and weave, sing, find your way in the woods, draw back a bowstring, and make your aim true.

Your guides are a fantastic crew with stories, skills and songs to share, challenges for those who are ready, games to feel alive and wild. Be part of a pack of hand-crafting, tree-climbing, frog-catching comrades from lands near and far, who love adventuring in the wild.

step barefoot into the unknown
hear the CRY! of those ones who awaken in the darkness
dance your wild heart
fall giggling to the ground among sisters
hush and grow silent
the woods around you are listening
stalk out into the wildness
what are you waiting for?

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