Designing with Natural Cycles: Cultivating Creativity & Community

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Age: Adults ages 16+ with Programming for Youth Ages 5-15

Date: Saturday March 29, 2014, 9am-5pm

Cost: $60/Adult (16 and older), $25/Child (age 5-15)

Location: Neighbor’s Hall in Brattleboro, VT

Join Amy Hyatt in exploring how to use Natural Cycles for designing events, family and neighborhood gatherings, curriculum design, team roles, and anything else that you bring to the workshop.  Designing and practicing with these cycles creates a healthy and fun atmosphere for learning, working, and living, and opens up niches for everyone’s gifts and skills to shine.

The cycles of the day, the moon, and the seasons all have their unique energies and teachings.  Aligning with these natural cycles can bring us greater health and aliveness.  When we push against the rhythms of nature, on the other hand, we can encounter resistance and disharmony.  Planning and planting our gardens must be attuned the seasons and with what is happening THIS year – which months are dry and wet?  Late frosts? What if we applied the same attention to natural rhythms and cycles in planning events or festivals?  To a day in the classroom?  To a day and week of camp?  To a workshop?  To a family or a neighborhood gathering?

This program includes an interwoven program for children ages 5-15.  Some of the time the children will be involved in the workshop with adults and some of the time they will be having fun outside playing and learning with a qualified nature mentor.

Presenters & Facilitators

Amy Hyatt

Amy_HyattIn 1998, Amy was gifted a stone by a Maori friend and was told “the name of this stone is Piki Te Ora. It means ‘Arise to Life.’” That stone crystallized for Amy a mission to find ways for all of us to find our way into deep, full relationship with ourselves and nature and living in community relations that support that deep, full living – a journey that she has found involves a lot of transformational learning and healing. At the Art of Mentoring, she experienced a cultural basket weaving together many of these life-affirming practices – a teaching bundle that is continually growing and evolving. Amy has been working with VWS in many capacities since 2001, as a presenter and trainer at the Art of Mentoring workshop since 2006, and as a facilitator with the 8 Shields Institute since 2011.

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