Nourishing our Roots, Finding Our Way: Renewal of Creative Purpose


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Where: This is an online retreat so the location can be… your choice! You will need to be able to go outside, plus access to email and the capacity to make phone calls or join Zoom sessions.

When: Saturday, February 5 (9:00 am EDT) — Sunday, February 6 (5:00 pm EDT), 2022.

Who: All ages & experience levels. 

Cost: pay what you choose. You can attend for free but we ask participants to consider donating to help compensate our instructors.

A 2-day nature-connection retreat at your home. Our intention is that everyone involved will emerge from the weekend with a sense of renewed purpose, direction, and relationships. 

As times are changing rapidly, this is a good time to pause, sink into our roots, and listen deeply to the quieter voices of our essential selves.  A particularly fruitful time to pause, listen, and reflect is during our emergence from the deep dark of winter into the growing light. The beginning of February is the half way station between the winter solstice (Dec 21) and spring equinox (Mar 21).

We invite you to join us for two days of retreat to renew our creative purpose (a process known by many as the “Renewal of Creative Path”).  This will be a two-day guided retreat inviting participants to take stock of our lives, remember our relations (human and non-human), tune into our purpose and what’s happening around us, and ask how our purpose is called into service in this emerging year.

People from far and wide are invited to come together via Zoom throughout the day with blocks of time you can spend outside (or indoors) engaging different prompts. This could be a rural location or a city park! The program is designed to work for you no matter what outdoor space you choose or have access to— as long as you can get onto the Zoom calls (by phone or by computer). In this program we will be engaging some of the core routines that shape VWS programs, such as practices of nature and human connection and living with natural cycles. These practices are ways to strengthen and deepen our relationships, and help us to be responsive and adaptive to changing relationships and changing times.

We can live in a different way. In these times of upheaval and transformation, we can find support and guidance through connecting with our local human and Earth community right where we are. Let’s do it together!


Questions? Email or call 802-257-8570