Foundational Practices In Nature Connection Mentoring Series

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When: Saturdays (9am – 5pm ET) & Sundays, (9am – 5pm ET) in Spring 2022

  • Mar 5 – Mar 6 — Designing with Natural Cycles 
  • Apr 2 – Apr 3 — Peacemaking and Restorative Relationships
  • Apr 30 – May 1 — Core Routines for Being Fully Alive and Nature Connected 

Format: Each weekend includes six Zoom calls (60-90 min each) interspersed with six hours of activities for you to do (both outdoors & indoors) on your own.

Where: Your home or other preferred spot with good internet access.

Who: Adults.  Group size is kept small to ensure space for sharing and discussion.

Cost:  Full Series: $475 – 775 sliding scale.  (True cost is $600 per participant.) Single Weekend: $175 – 275 sliding scale.  (True cost is $200 per participant.) Scholarship and Reparations funds are available. 


Foundational Practices In Nature Connection Mentoring 

This online series explores the mentoring frameworks we use at Vermont Wilderness School. 

We think of these as the “power-trio” of practices that support successful mentoring.  The first is attuning to natural cycles to guide our design and facilitation of nature connection experiences.  The second is conducting ourselves with an aim towards peacemaking and restoring relationships when conflict or harm occurs.  And the third is practicing a set of core routines which deepen our own connection through direct experience in the natural world and conscious reflection on our experience.

We find that amazing things tend to happen when we take this multi-layered approach to mentoring! Many thousands of youth and adults have emerged from VWS programs more fully attuned to their own place in the greater web of life and being of service.

Our guide for the series is Amy Hyatt, who works with these practices daily as she designs, directs, and teaches programs at the Vermont Wilderness School. Over 20 years Amy has played every role and been involved with programs on every size and scale, across all ages.  She blends sharing from her hands-on experience with stories and insights from the range of teachers who have mentored her. Read more about Amy.

This series will be especially helpful if you are an educator, a parent, or someone wanting to take your role as a mentor to a deeper level.   

This year for the first time we have bundled these workshops into a three-weekend online series.  Each workshop also stands alone and may be taken without doing the full series. Our Introduction to Nature Connection Mentoring weekend workshop (offered annually in November) is recommended, but not required, preparation for this series.



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