Introduction to Nature Connection Mentoring

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When: Sat, December 4 (9am – 5pm) — Sun, (9am – 4pm) December 5, 2021.

Format: This two-day workshop includes six Zoom calls (60-90 min each) interspersed with six hours of activities for you to do outdoors on your own.

Where: Your home (or other preferred spot with good internet access).

Who: Adults.

Cost: $185 – 285 sliding scale.  (True cost is $250 per participant.) Scholarship funds and Reparations funds are available. 


Instructor Amy Hyatt will introduce nature connection mentoring practices and approaches while also surveying the history and current state of the field. Join this workshop that blends online instruction/group discussion with outdoor individual practice!

The past twenty years have seen a proliferation of outdoor programs using “nature connection mentoring”— an approach grounded in natural cycles and the strengthening of community through long-term intergenerational mentoring.

A major influence in these programs has been the “coyote mentoring” approach, popularized by Jon Young, the book Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature, and taught in the Art of Mentoring workshops internationally.  Many programs, including ours at the Vermont Wilderness School, blend coyote mentoring with other approaches to outdoor education. The broader field of nature connection mentoring is experiencing rapid expansion, a diversification of approaches, and a robust debate about its relationship to the societal imperatives of equity, racial justice, and decolonization.  

Who is this workshop designed for?

Are you:

  • an educator looking to build your skills or develop nature connection programs?
  • an individual looking to integrate nature connection practices in your own life?
  • someone curious to learn more about the history and future of this field?

Bring your questions, your challenges, and the context you are applying this in!  These will shape which material we especially focus on.

Facilitator Bio

Amy Hyatt has been involved in nature connection mentoring since 2001, when she began as a participant and apprentice.  Amy was one of the first women facilitators and leaders of the Art of Mentoring, an intergenerational weeklong workshop in nature connection mentoring. For over 15 years she has been designing and directing youth and adult programs at the Vermont Wilderness School.  In recent years Amy joined the board of the national Nature Connection Network, playing an active role in current movement dialogues around decolonization and anti-racism.  Amy is of mixed European ancestry.  She grew up with attention on challenging inequalities in race, class and gender in our everyday lives.  At age 19, she began encountering indigenous people who engaged her with everyday issues of colonization, cultural appropriation and decolonization.  She has humbly continued to ask the questions and seek to make changes creating more equity, a sense of welcome and safety for people of different backgrounds, and a sense of trust and allyship in working together for the children and future generations on this Earth.  


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