Organizational Group Discounts – Art of Mentoring

Some nature education schools create Organizational Groups year after year, because participation in the Art of Mentoring serves as essential training for anyone involved with nature connection education and mentoring— including instructors, staff, board members, elders, volunteers, and other organizational leaders and friends.  Program participants and parents of youth participants also can join these groups as long as the organizational leadership confirms that they have a longterm affiliation with the organizations.

Previous groups have come from:

White Pine Programs (Maine), EarthWalk (Vermont), Sassafras Earth Education (Martha’s Vinyard), Two Coyotes (Connecticut), Wolf Tree (Western Mass), Merrohawke (Eastern Mass), Northwood (Maine), Wild Earth (NY), Earth Arts (Ithaca), Crow’s Path (Northern VT), P.I.N.E. Project (Ontario), Flying Deer Nature Center (NY)

What counts as “a group”?

We feel excited about welcoming Organizational Groups because we want to help you encourage nature-connection in YOUR community and to strengthen regional organizational bonds. If there is someone (teens/CITs, volunteers, elders, board members, former staff members, etc) who you hope will be an important stakeholder in your organization indefinitely we hope they come! To protect this purpose, i.e. supporting long-term nature connection in your community, we may reach out to you if we see a registration from someone whose relationship with you is unclear. If their involvement in your organization is transitory/peripheral we may not count them when we total your discount.


  • If your organization sends a group of four or more people you are welcome to request a $75 discount per person.

How it works

If you want to organize a group of people to get the group discount:

  • Decide on the number of spaces in each program option (for example: Nature Mentor Training, Earth Skills, Teen Rendezvous) that you wish to pay to reserve.
  • Submit the registration form, be sure to indicate that you are registration a larger organizational group.
  • Pay $150 for each space you wish to reserve (not counting children under 4).
  • Once we receive your registration and deposits we will follow up with you to answer your questions and guide you through the process.


If you want to join an existing group:

  • Contact your organizational leadership as early as possible to let them know you are interested.
  • Note- you can be a part of a group and also request a scholarship.  The scholarship will be a larger amount, so it supersedes the group discount. Even if you do receive a scholarship, your participation in the group is still important for helping other group members get a bigger discount.
  • On or around June 10th, we will let send your organizational point person a bill (which includes discounts and financial aid).
  • The remaining balance will be due by August 1.