Art of Mentoring  Registration is closed. Click here to be notified when it re-opens.

Waitlist note: if you want to register for a program and see that there’s a waitlist we still encourage you to apply! We find that it’s fairly common for individuals and families to sign up in the spring only to have unavoidable conflicts come up in the summer so waitlists see a good deal of movement. Additionally: if, and only if, you’re applying for a program with a waitlist you do not have to send in a deposit to reserve your spot.

  • $915 – $1215 – 1st time adult participants – Ring 1 – Nature Mentor Training
  • $885 – $1215 – Returning adult participants – Ring 2 – Nature Immersion 
  • $885 – $1215 – Returning adult participants – Ring 2 –Earth Skills
  • $715 – $915  – Teen Program 
  • $515 – $615  – Youth Program. 
  • $615 – $715  – Parent or Caregiver for a Child Age 0-3. 
  • Free              – Child Age 0-3. 

Price includes the full program, plus (delicious!) food and (rustic, summer camp cabin-style or tent) lodging.

Program Fees for the Art of Mentoring are on a SLIDING SCALE.

  • 80 people attend as staff, and 130 people attend as paying participants. That’s a ratio of 3 staff for every 5 participants!
  • Every member of our staff volunteers some (and in many cases, all) of their time. We strive to compensate them adequately for their gifts and the many years they’ve spent developing their skills as teachers and mentors.
  • We also will offer over $12,000 in scholarships to at least 30% of our participants this year.

The sliding scale allows us to cover these important costs, but only if enough people pay the “true cost” or “high end” options.



Looking for Ways to Reduce your Costs? Here Are 6 Ways.

  1. Early Bird Discount. Register by 5 pm on May 1 for a $50 discount on each registration.
  2. Organizational Group Discount.  These are groups who decide to come to AoM together and to bring their experience back to their local program. Learn more.
  3. Request a Scholarship.  Our scholarship fund provides tuition reductions (typically 20-30% off the program tuition) to over 30 people each year. How to request a scholarship
  4. Find yourself a Gift Tuition.  To make our scholarship funds broadly available, we ask that you apply for a scholarship only after you have explored other options.  Many people in the past have found friends, family, or other programs willing to sponsor their participation at AoM.
  5. Attend as a Volunteer in the Art of Mentoring Kitchen Program. Experience what’s at the heart of a healthy regenerative village: the art of sharing food from seed to feast. Kitchen Volunteers do not participate the Program during the week, but they have a great time! Learn more.  For your volunteer service the kitchen, you receive a $325 discount on an AoM tuition for a friend (this year) or for yourself (next year).