Girls Rendezvous Testimonials

“The most striking thing that comes to mind about the Rendezvous is the connections I made with so many amazing women in such a short time. That is definitely what I remember most, what I loved and what I would return for. My edge, especially the first year, was heading into the woods with a group of women I didn’t know. (Obviously pushing that edge turned out to be the best part of the Rendezvous). The places in nature and in ourselves that we discovered together made me silent. Awestruck silence. I think those discoveries also made me excited again, excited to discover more.” – Megan

“Rendezvous changed my life. I was surrounded by people who truly meant well for the entirety of my experience there. For me personally, I had never met or connected with anyone who ever demonstrated such pure qualities as those who guided and supported me. I was a growing person who was just starting to realize what I wanted to be in life. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to assist me in that. Both males and females combined created such a wholesome and nourishing environment. Rendezvous is different for everyone, but it is guaranteed that you will walk away a changed person. It feels funny to say this all now because my first Rendezvous was very scary at times and there were parts I really didn’t like! But it was those parts that’s infused me with the wisdom I carry by my side to this very day. I recommend Rendezvous to EVERYone. Especially those who want to be inspired/changed for the better. It is such a nourishing environment. I am a young person, but when I think of the BEST things that have ever happened to me, Rendezvous is the biggest one that comes to mind.” – Raven

“The Rendezvous hugely intimidated me because it sounded so intense. I think as a young 13-14 year old I was excited and anxious to see how my time would unfold at my first Rendezvous. I wish that everyone could have such a life-changing experience like this at a younger age. It empowers girls to be independent, strong, and fearless. I learned SO MUCH integral stuff about myself, others, nature, and connection during my first week and Rendezvous years that followed that one. I remember making long-lasting friends, smiles, laughing, singing, storytelling, fire-making, shelter-making, games, crafts, challenges, fears, edges being pushed, excitement, relief and empowerment, and so much more. I LOVED it all! The little things and the bigger things are what I wanted to return for. The Rendezvous quenches a thirst for wilderness connection like no other. It’s quite magical.” – Sydney